Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Substernal incision ouchie!!

I've been watching this area on the substernal aspect of his incision for the last week. I noticed on Saturday it was starting to get a little red around the edges. They warned me that this might happen. This is where the tie the stitch at the top and bottom of his incision underneath the skin. Well it was making a nasty appearance. We got him in today and they just needed to pop the stitch trough the skin, cut it, and remove it. I thought for sure he was going to go crazy!! But he never made a peep! The put a simple dressing on. We will check it tomorrow and watch for signs of infection. It already looked better once she got it out of there!!!

We also had OT today. He was super grumpy and didn't want to do anything. The time change is still messing with him. His naps are all messed up. We will definitely need to figure the best time for him so we can make the best experience possible!


Jenifer Parris said...

OUCH!!!! That makes me hurt! Glad it was easy for him though! :-)

the Family said...

Poor baby! The picture she looks uncomfortable, what a trooper to have handled it so well... and so glad it was an easy fix. Good luck with his appointments this week!