Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Braxton Hicks!!!

I'm certain these are not producing anything but at 30 weeks this is just insane!! These are not your typical tightening of the stomach. These are a little more uncomfortable, taking my breath away, turning flushed, and causing me to break out into a sweat! For the last 3days I've had contractions 9-11 min apart regular.... SCARY!! Considering my coworkers were noticing when I was having them I figured it was time to give my OB a call.Thankfully she is amazing and took me seriously. So for the last 2 hours I've been timing them about every 9 minutes, just took a hot bath and finally have some relief. 'bedrest' tonight 1 liter water, 2 extra strength Tylenol. If continues I'm to call to meet her in OB tomorrow. Makes more sense now. She was just saying I I thought I was in true labor way to early to even imagine Ethan coming this early. We will let him get a lot stronger and bigger before he decides to pick a Birthday! Besides... We still have to get everything ready!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

28 week anatomy scan

We had our 28 week anatomy scan yesterday. We took Eli to see his little brother. He was so excited to see him, but Ethan has other plans... He is now in the "fetal position" head down and posterior! I had a feeling he made his turn because hiccups are VERY low now a days. But we still have plenty of time for him to stay cozy for awhile. We had a different u/s tech because Dawn (our normal tech) was on vacation. She was unable to find a good profile view and we didn't get 3D pics this time :( He looks so much bigger since just a month ago. He is up to 3 lbs, still measuring a week ahead. Everything looked ok, but the stomach was a little small and there was increased amniotic fluid, which is common with a baby with Down syndrome. Something they fear is duodenal atresia (paralyzed bowel), which will increase my risk for preterm labor, require surgery immediately after he is born, and a much longer stay in the hospital... Lots of prayers over the few weeks.

I have been having TONS of braxton hick's contractions, so they were going to test for leaking of amniotic fluid, but they got an internal u/s to check the cervix which is closed and everything looks great. So, I just deal with the false contractions... They really are nothing I suppose, but certainly take my breath away!

After our appt I asked Eli what he thought and he was like, "Mom I thought he was so cute!" I really don't think he paid much attention LOL!

I will find out Monday at my primary OB's office if she will want me to start following at the MFM clinic or hopefully I can just have prenatal visits locally.

My sister shared a beautiful link with me and I hope you enjoy!

Melts my heart