Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh joy- the start of weekly visits!?!

Started my weekly checks with my primary OB today. Oh my lord I forgot how uncomfortable this was! So at 35 weeks, measuring 37 weeks 2 cm 75% effaced... WHOA! She must have mentioned a few time about having my bags packed which I finally wrote some things down, but should seriously pack some bags! I will see my primary OB for the last time July 30th then go to Riverside weekly every Friday until I deliver. On a positive note I had an interview with a new pediatrician out of Pickerington. She was absolutely wonderful. It was the 1st time I felt like we had a conversation rather than them talking from a textbook about plan of care ect. Since I will deliver at Riverside, this office has physicians that will go there and see Ethan after delivery. They also are affiliated with childrens hospital. I just cannot believe how quickly time has gone...

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