Saturday, December 8, 2012

Team Ethan Benefit was a SUCCESS!

Yep that is right! Team Ethan's benefit was a success last night. We could not be any happier. We had such an amazing turnout. This has taken a huge weight off Matthew and I shoulders. We are so blessed to have all of you in our life. So thankful for all the love and support for baby Ethan. Everyone has been praying for us. It was so comforting to hear other moms talking to their little ones and hearing their prayers for Ethan!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dalene Campbell for putting this all together for us in just a couple weeks. Thank you to her Pastor for allowing her to have the benefit in their church. I wish I could individually thank each and everyone of you who helped with donations, raffle, volunteering, and praying for our family!!!

We had 135 guests attend the benefit!!! After today our grand total was over $5,000!!! Such a blessing to know all the family and friends we have rooting for our little man. God is SO good!

Thank you all so much from the bottom of our heart :)

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Anonymous said...

It will be a Merry Christmas!
Love you all.