Friday, January 18, 2013

We have a date for surgery!!

January 29th!! That is the date for Ethan's AVSD repair...

He will have pre admission testing done a couple days before. He will need to test negative on his viral screen which is rhinovirus (BLAH), influenza, RSV. If he is positive it will postpone surgery yet again.. I'm trying so hard to remain positive. I pray everyday, all day for health and healing for Ethan.

Surprisingly I had a huge sigh of relief. I'm ready for this more than anyone can imagine. I'm dreading handing my son over for the actual surgery. Once again the nurse background (a post op recovery ICU open heart nurse REALLY has its pros and cons!!) I just know he need to have this surgery more than ever right now. I see him starting to suffer. He wants to roll around on the ground and play with his toys. He uses up all his energy just to breathe! Within minutes he is breathing so fast and labored. His heart rate sky rockets. His oxygen levels start dropping. His color changes. He gets hot and sweaty. It's not good! I'm ready for Ethan to strive!

So we will still have the sedated echo on Monday with our cardiologist. Thai will give them a clear picture of exactly everything that is going on.

Ethan turned 5 months today!! We went to his pediatrician's office, Dr Dunlea. She wanted to see him before his surgery. I've been concerned because Ethan get really congested at times but its not all the time she thinks he has reflux. I certainly hope that's all it is and not catching a cold. But it's pretty much been then same since we left the hospital. He's already on Prilosec for reflux, we are going to slow his feedin down to run over an hour (he doesn't take anything by bottle except a few drink), keep him elevated as much as possible.

Keep those prayers coming!!!

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