Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Admitted to Children's Hospital

Sunday, Ethan should have come home with us, but instead he got transferred to children's main campus 2 days postpartum. Shortly after my last update the neonatologist came into my room and said there were some issues on that mornings chest xray. It picked up an unusually dilated section of the small intestine. They did an abdominal X-ray which confirmed the possible bowel obstruction. She aid there was nothing more she could offer but little man would need to be transferred to children's main campus right away. They scooped little man away in this little spaceship.

By 11:30, we got to see him. They had done additional lab work, abdominal X-rays, and u/s kidneys. He was having multiple stools and pee was starting to pickup. His oxygen levels were better, they wanted to wean this down, he was on 30% and .6 liter air flow. His og was still to suction. Now we just wait and see how he does through the night.

On Monday, he looked absolutely beautiful. His oxygen levels were in the low 90's, now on just air liter flow of 0.3. They og was to gravity and not putting much of anything out. We got there just in time for care rounds where the neonatologist, nurse practitioner, and nurse all talk about what has happened, test results, and plan for the day. His labs all look good except his hgb was 22, normal 12-26. Means his blood is a little thick. X-rays are coming back better, this am showed the dilation of the bowel gone. So they switched his og to ng, so I could start breast feeding and I'd that didn't go well they would just give him breast milk through his ng. Wean down his air flow, they only need his sats to be >80%, seems insane I know!!! But with his heart conditions this would be normal due to the mixing of venous and arterial blood blow. He has been maintaining in the low 90's. He certainly tires very easily, even with a simple diaper change. He will start breathing 60 times a minute. Normal for a small kiddo is about 40ish. This again goes hand and hand with his heart condition.

So how did his day go, well auntie Megan got some wonderful bonding time. He was awake for nearly 2 hours with her! I got some really cute pictures once I find the time to upload them. Attempted nursing but he just gets completely exhausted by the time we untangle all the lines and get him situated... He is asleep!

We met tons of people at least 20, not exaggerating. But each and every one of them have been extremely helpful. I'm so thankful to live so close to a children's hospital known across the world. He is the greatest hands and we continue to take things day by day.

We have a busy day, big brother is coming up to see Ethan. He asks about him every single day. I'm excited to get to spend the time with both of my boys. I can't wait for Ethan to be home!!!

I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for all of your prayers and support! Ethan is already a fighter and will continue to strive!

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emilypontious said...

I know I've said this before but Eli is going to be a great big brother! Let me know if guys need any help. Even if it's just taking Eli for a few hours or something I would be happy to do that! :)