Friday, August 10, 2012

Almost 38 weeks!


I cannot believe I'm this close to finally holding my beautiful baby boy!!! I've had an overwhelming sense of relaxation over the last 24hrs. Well maybe not physically lol! I've been getting some fairly intense contractions but nothing to set me into labor. Went to the dr again today which was a much more pleasant visit. I'm 3 cm, almost 100% thinned! WOW!! She also mentioned if I have not had him by the 20th they would want to do an induction. I've been tossing the idea around but I'm completely comfortable with this now!! I still hope to go into labor naturally. This is the week to be pulling all those strings lol! I plan on working through Wednesday.

On another note. I met a very nice lady from the Baby Center Down Syndrome preganancy board. She lives in Columbus. Her daughter Madison was born back in May with T21 and the same heart defect as Ethan. Her surgery was today and the last update was her survey was done and they were able to fix the repair. She is doing very well, waiting for her to wake up. Please say a few prayers for baby Madison and her family.

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swolfe521 said...

I was thinking about that today after you texted me. OMG at the very most Ethan will be here in 10 days!!!!!!! I'm so excited to meet him, but that's tempered by what uncertainty and fear you and Matthew are facing. We love you guys and you are in my prayers constantly. I am glad you have peace and that Dr. Matt put you guys at ease. You need anything, you call me.