Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm a day behind.. this was from yesterday 8-27-12. 

I'm having my moments for sure. I just feel like we are so close every night that I leave. I had a melt down tonight because we had talked in rounds today I was going to start feeding him on demand and get him off a 'schedule'. They were also supposed to stop supplementing basically see how he did over 24 hrs. If I felt he needed supplemented then we would. Well none of this was ordered.

 I had a small anxiety attack when the evening nurse came in with a bottle of milk. I was also told we aware only doing a couple pre and post breast feeding weights just to make sure he was at least eating some. the nurse too it upon herself to weigh him when I wasn't there. My whole thought is how is he going to demand feed is you're filling him up all day. He nurses fine now. It just takes awhile... A very long time actually. But he is learning and I'm willing to have as much patience with him while he learns. This is something I have kit always had, but with I have learned to adjust this with Eli. 

As long as he feeds well today I'm staying the night in a parent room on the unit, see how 24hrs go than if ok I will be there another 48... He will be in the room with me. I will so all of his care. This is the closest thing to home. This is what I have to do to get him home!!! He will still be hooked up to the monitor. He feeds so well for me during the day. As his mother I feel switching him from breast to bottle is confusing him even more. He just will not take a bottle very well and he will not take one for them at night, so since we will I will be Exclusively breastfeeding at home this is what we need to do!

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