Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Buddy Walk

12 days ago I heard about the Buddy Walk in Columbus at The Crew Stadium, only about 40 minutes away from where we live. I wasn't sure if this was something I was ready for so soon after Ethan's delivery. I knew he would be too fragile to come with us. I tossed the idea for a couple hours and decided this is a new tradition I want to make sure we are apart of every year. We decided on a team name "TEAM ETHAN", registered our team, and everything took off from that point. After 12 days, our family and friends raised over $1800!!!! We had over 35 walkers that joined us today to support Ethan, our family, and Down Syndrome awareness. I can't explain to you the overwhelming excitement I had to see all of these people coming together for such an awesome event. 

TEAM ETHAN!!!!!!!!

There were over 5,000 people at this event, largest crowd to date. I was honored to be apart of something so special. I had received a text from the girls I used to work with- my Berger ER family. They sent me a picture of them holding a sign for "GO TEAM ETHAN". It's truly amazing the amount of people that have come together since he was born. He has so many people cheering him on! The walk was a casual 1 mile walk around the top of the stadium, once we were in the stadium and got up the ramp. There were cheerleaders that greeted us with "GO ETHAN GO!!!" It was beautiful!! There were pictures and banners of all the kids we were supporting as we walked around. Eli and his daddy made a sign for him to carry (which got handed off a few times to his cousin Hayden- she was very happy to take that job!) It said "Ethan is my little brother" with pictures of the two of them.

Berger ER

I was so happy to meet up with some people I have been talking to. One of them being a family for "TEAM ADALYN" (3 mos). I was introduced to her mommy, Allison a couple weeks ago through another mommy, Jessica- her daughter is Madison (4mos). The 3 of us share very similar stories. We are younger moms with children that have Down Syndrome and all 3 of our kiddo's share similar heart defect. Madison had her surgical repair the beginning of August and is doing extremely well. Adalyn had her surgical repair then end of August, she is at Children's recovering, but it doing well and we pray she will be home soon with her family!!!!

"Team Adalyn"
Matthew and Allison

I also got to finally meet up with Michelle, she runs the local group here in Lancaster. It's been awhile since she has gotten a group together due to the wide age ranges, but I'm excited to get a play group started locally. I know of a few other local moms interested and it would be awesome to have the local connections!!

I want to share this experience with you for those that could not join us today... Please see the link below and enjoy!! Somehow the pictures are in random order, but you get the idea :)

Pictures from the 2012 Buddy Walk   <<< click here for slide show!!!


Megan said...

Yay! Go Team Ethan! This is great, I am glad the way was a success. Ya know what is funny is I know Allison! We went to college together! She was practically a roommate! I am glad you got to meet her. You are both awesome women and beyond extraordinary mothers :)

blw said...

Can't wait until next year! Love You!