Friday, September 21, 2012

Another weight check... 5 wks old!!

After starting lasix last Monday, Ethan lost almost 5oz in 5 days?!?! He was down to 7lb 14.5oz. Today his weight was 8lb 1.5oz :)!!! His doctor decided it would still be a good idea to add in a small amount of formula for the extra calories. Breast milk is about 20 calories per ounce, so by adding a teaspoon of formula it's now 24 calories per ounce. Unfortunately the combination of the heart defect which is causes him to be completely exhausted and down syndrome causes him to have low muscle tone- he is just having such a hard time eating. Just when we think he get a good amount of a bottle in he throws it all back up!!! So we have had to change his bottles to a smaller nipple. It looks very similar to a premie nipple, a friend of mine got them for us when we were in the NICU. They are very helpful with kiddos with Ds, since there mouths are so tiny. It also helps him to stay latched onto the bottle and decreases the amount of extra air he sucks in. He doesn't seem to mind the formula, but we have only given him 3 so far, but I can tell in his diapers... YUCK!

We have such a busy week coming up! We are getting family pictures done with our good friend Angela. The buddy walk is on Sunday. We start the early intervention program "Help Me Grow". Then we have our 1st appointment at the Ds clinic at Children's. WHEW :) oh and Daddy's Birthday is next Sunday!!! It's amazing how all of this just becomes apart of our life now. If you wouldve given me this schedule when I was pregnant. I would have probe thrown my hand s up and said ya right!!! It's been quite amazing to say the least. I certainly do not feel like in on maternity leave. I haven't gotten the chance to truly enjoy the time off.... I hope to have a few weeks with the boys after Ethan's surgery before I go back to work. The plan for us now is for me to stay at home whether that be 3, 4, or even 9 months. Ethan is so fragile there is no way I would have someone else care for him.  On that note... Good Night, sweet dreams :)

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