Saturday, September 1, 2012

Such a great sleeper...

You always want a baby that will sleep through the night, not cry, just a really mellow baby. Well we have ourselves one. Well for now anyways. He eats better during the day, he is showing hunger cues. At night we have to wake him up every every 4 hours. He is sleepy all the time, not by choice. Once his heart is repaired (which will be somewhere between 3-6 months of age). Our pediatrician described it perfectly to us yesterday. When Ethan eats its like running on a treadmill. He burns extra calories and gets so extremely tired. After his surgery the eating and sleepiness will improve. Ethan certainly has an appetite that's for sure! He does excellent with feedings, he is just so pokey especially at night. The night feedings are worse, it usually takes about an hour to feed him, so then in 2-3 hours we're doing it all over again! He cluster feeds in the am so that's not been a huge issue. I think he is making up for the not so great night feeds. He shows hunger cues during the day, not so much at night. I believe he is learning.

Thankfully since we were discharged on Thursday, we have a long weekend before Matt has to go back to work on Tuesday. It's going to be interesting for sure! I can manage the both if them, its just the L O N G feedings. Thankfully ethsn diednt seem to mind Eli bouncing off the walls! I actually think its much quieter her rather than the NICU- the crying babies, monitor alarms going off, ventilators alarming, IV's beeping. I actually recorded a 5 minute time there for a 'just in case' situation! I hope I never have to use it. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about all that.....had been doing very well but he is certainly striving for our attention. Hitting and punching. Right now he is gentle with Ethan... We have to worry more about our dog Libby (she is a 9 year old English Bulldog), she is very sneaky. She hasn't left his side since we have been home. At the moment my back is turned she gets up and sneaks a kiss, usually on his feet and them sometimes right across the face!!!

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